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Glass comes in many sizes, shapes, forms and colors. Let us help you with all your glass projects, whether it's for your home, condo, town home, business, primary or secondary residence, Gregory Door and Window has the ability and capability to take care of all those needs. From the emergency service calls of "a moose just broke through my window!" to the changing of how a room's vibe feels or looks with a stained glass piece to a commercial need - - we can provide it all for you!

Please stop in, email or call and we'll get started helping you with all your glass needs!

Below are images of our employees creating a view where there was none...from solid wall to window openings to beautiful shiny new windows with a view!

IMG 1474
IMG 1475
IMG 1477
IMG 1478

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At Gregory Door & Window, we welcome the opportunity to fulfill your entire door and window needs. Please stop by our showroom in Breckenridge to allow John and Susan to introduce themselves and their energetic team.