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Gregory Door and Window, we focus on providing our clients with an array of options and solid solutions for their homes – this includes expert advice and suggestions for all of your window and door needs. Stop by and see us today.

Superior Products

Weiland Sliding Doors

Weiland Sliding Doors

Huge openings, seamless transitions, and outstanding performance. Discover stunning ways to connect the indoors to the outside with Weiland’s custom sliding doors and windows. Creative freedom is in your hands.
Andersen Series Windows

Andersen Series Windows

Andersen has a team of engineers hard at work determining how to improve our windows and doors. Every aspect of our products are scrutinized so that each product that goes into your home will provide years of faithful service. Materials are one way that Andersen has led the industry in innovation. They've concluded that it takes a carefully orchestrated use of materials to achieve superior performance, low-maintenance exteriors and the long-lasting durability our customers deserve.
DuPont Window & Door Foam

DuPont Window & Door Foam

This window and door foam made by DuPont is a superior quality product. Most everyone knows the DuPont name, and likens it with high quality. They're doing something right, they've been in business over 200 years. We have cases of this foam to sell to contractors, or Joe-homeowner if he's tackling his own installation. We also have the foam gun needed to apply it as well as the foam gun cleaner. It's less expensive than the quality product local lumberyards sell, and don't get duped by their inferior brands. Even though its namesake says "Great Stuff" it really is not! And we know because of what our customers have told us when comparing that to what we use. There is a big difference when it comes to using the right can of foam. Don't end up doing it twice because you took a shortcut on something as important as sealing the weather out while installing your new windows and doors!

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